Introducing a
new way of dating

Help people you like find people they love
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Nearly half of people on existing dating apps are unhappy

We're out to change that. We want to offer people something different to the same solo-swiping experience that almost all apps use, and which hook people into a cycle of feeling frustrated and insecure.

What does Intro Date do differently?

On Intro Date, friends or people who share your interests introduce you to great matches, helping you find the perfect partner.

In return, you will help others find their perfect match by introducing them to potential partners.

The more great Intros you suggest, the more great Intros you get!

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How does it work?

First, create a profile

Your profile on Intro is easy-to-create and unique to you. You can combine information about your background and interests, with text and photo prompts to give matchmakers and potential matches the best flavour of who you really are.

Intro Date's photo prompts screen, where users can add photos in response to pre-generated prompts
Intro Date's page for proposing matches to other people

Propose matches for other people

You'll be shown the profile of someone similar to you, and a shortlist of people we think might work well for them. Put yourself in their shoes and try to recommend someone they'll really like.

See who's been Introduced to you

You can take a look at the profiles of people who have been recommended to you, and if you both like each other, you can start chatting. When you match with someone, your matchmaker will be told they've made a great Intro, without being told it was for you.

Intro Date's "More about me" page for a user that has been suggested. You can see that "Anna" is a smoker, a digital nomad, has dogs, is not religious and would not like to date someone with kids
Intro Date's "It's a match!" page to show when two users have liked each other

Get seen more by matchmaking well

Matchmaking for others is more than just its own reward. If you suggest Intros that then go on to match, you'll be rewarded with more visibility for your profile in the future.

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Shared experiences mean matchmakers can pick out what matters most to people like you

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Matchmaking for others gives users a wholesome, fulfilling challenge to engage with

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Users can create Winged matchmaker-only accounts to help out friends

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We focus on making our users feel proud, rather than trying to hook you into a cycle of dating anxiety

What makes Intro better?

Intro Date combines the best of machine and human intelligence to create an app where our users can be themselves, help each other find great dates (and avoid the nasty ones), and feel amazing doing it.

Meet the team

Our team's values echoes the promises we make to our users: just like dating, employment at Matchmaker strives to be enjoyable, fair, collaborative, and totally unique.

Headshot of Nicholas Hulbert, founder and chief executive
Nicholas Hulbert
Chief executive

Nicholas founded Matchmaker Ltd (the company behind Intro Date) in 2021. Before Intro, Nicholas worked in strategic market research, with a focus on market-entry and re-entry strategies for some of the largest pay-television companies in the EMEA area. Nicholas holds an undergraduate master's degree (MSci) in Physics from the University of Cambridge, and is a co-author on several academic papers on quantum technology. In his spare time, Nicholas is an avid filmmaker, and has won awards at several short film festivals.

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Want to come aboard?

We're always looking to grow our team with likeminded, ambitious individuals. You can read about the roles we're currently searching for below, but if you're keen and nothing quite fits, just send us an email with your CV and a little on why you'd like to join us to

Frontend Developer
Photo of Josh Hughes, chief technology officer
Joshua Hughes
Chief technology officer

Joshua joined Matchmaker Ltd in 2021 after working as a data analyst in strategic market research and in the journalism industry, with a focus on analysing news usage patterns across the major broadcasters in EMEA and APAC. He holds an MSci in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, and is working towards an MSc in Computer Vision, Robotics, and Machine Learning at the University of Surrey.